The Absolute Sound

“The […] Iota is one serious little loudspeaker and ideal for connoisseurs with seriously limited space.” See Full Review

What Hi-Fi

“Whether with pacey rock or pop, or complex classical works, these speakers sound truly remarkable” See Full Review

HiFi Choice

“Eminently musical and communicative, the Iota delights!” See Full Review


The Ear

“That so much bass can exude from such a small enclosure is taking physics to its limits” See Full Review

AV Forums

“What really makes the Alpha stand out is the way that it sounds so effortlessly together as a speaker” See Full Review

Hi-fi Choice

“[The Alpha] can really power out tight, fast, well-extended basslines, beautifully integrated with what the rest of the frequency range is doing.” See Full Review


“The Iota Alpha is a freak—a heroic-sounding speaker that looks like it shouldn’t, an overachieving mighty mite.” See Full Review

HiFi News

“[The ALPHA’s] speed, focus and near-magical imaging – not to mention their ‘invisibility’ prove highly appealing” See Full Review

HiFi World

“Small but incredibly potent. These new Neats are a terrific package that bring life to every genre of music.” See Full Review


HiFi Choice - SX1

“There is a clearly discernible sense of fun to the way the Neat makes music” See Full Review

HiFi Critic - SX2

“The Neat Motive SX2 is certainly one of the cutest and most discreet stereo speakers on the market” See Full Review

Top Audio Gear- SX2

“The NEAT Motive SX2 is a phenomenal loudspeaker with a presentation that is so musically beguiling that it verges on the supernatural.” See Full Review

What HiFi - SX2

“Punchy dynamics and precise timing work together to make their performance very expressive. The sense of enthusiasm is infectious.” See Full Review

HiFi World - SX3

“They [SX3s] have a foot-tapping rhythmicallity which has the ability to get you bouncing around the room with a big smile on your face.” See Full Review

What HiFi - SX3

“Vocals are full of convictoin and dynamism, while dense instrumentals that weave around them never sound convoluted or ill-timed.” See Full Review


HiFi Critic - SX3i

“It delivers a detailed crisp sound with very good stereo perspectives, very little midrange coloration, fast sounding transients, and lots of detail.” See Full Review

HiFi & Musik - SX5i

“The Momentum speakers paint an open and clear view of both singers and instrumentalists.” See Full Review [Translated from Swedish]



What HiFi - XLS

“We can only admire the XLSes’ impressive confidence when handling complex material, and their ability to organise music in a wholly understandable way.” See Full Review

HiFi Critic - XLS

“It proved easy to locate, and is so fundamentally accurate and friendly to the ears that a confident recommendation is assured.” See Full Review

Enjoy The Music - XLS

“In truth, the NEAT XLS deserves the attention of anyone seriously looking for a small, stand-mount loudspeaker that is astoundingly in tune with music – regardless of the genre.” See Full Review

HiFi Plus - XL6

“The technical prowess of the XL6 certainly delivers musical performances that are utterly captivating and enchanting” See Full Review

HiFi Plus - XL10

“Their flawless portrayal of the sonics allowed the music to gel and cohere so convincingly that the result was the most persuasive I have encountered in my room to date.” See Full Review