Ultimatum – Overview

The Ultimatum project was a labour of love for Bob Surgeoner. It began in 1995 as a no-compromise design intended to deliver the very best attributes of Neat’s accumulated ideas and expertise, and development took place over several years.

Originally conceived as a single model, the proptotype sported several design cues which can be identified in what eventually became the Ultimatum MF9 loudspeaker six years later. The slim, 150cm tall enclosure, with separate cavities to house each drive unit in an extended d’Appolito array. Employing 4 x 168mm main drive units in each cabinet, the driver configuration was designed to simulate a point source.

The Ultimatum MF9 was launched in 2001 to great critical acclaim and international commercial success. It was soon followed by smaller variants, the 120cm high MF7, the 100cm MF5, and the standmount/bookshelf MFS model. All of these versions adhered to those principles which rendered the Ultimatum models as being among the very best in the world.

The original line up was upgraded recently to ‘XL’ versions, further improving all aspects of their performance.

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