Neat Acoustics loudspeakers are designed to enable music lovers to experience all of the emotion and purpose that lies within recorded music. This is achieved by eliminating the artifice inherent in the recording/playback chain and revealing the essence of the musical message. Neat’s designers work from a listener’s point of view, playing many different types of music. The design is gradually shaped by an iterative process, adjusting and fine-tuning, and judging the results on a purely musical basis.

Great care is taken with the choice and development of all components used in Neat loudspeakers. Where appropriate, OEM parts are used, sometimes in modified form. Other parts are manufactured by ourselves, or by specialist companies producing to our specifications.

The Neat range covers a wide range of products for all types of applications;


The tiny Iota can be positioned on shelves, desktops, on wall brackets or on dedicated stands.



The elegant Motive range comprises three attractive room-friendly designs; the bookshelf SX3, the compact floorstanding SX2, and the slightly taller (yet still compact) full-range floorstanding SX1 model.


The Momentum range bridges the gap between the Motive and Ultimatum ranges. Again, three models which deliver performance far beyond what might be expected from such relatively compact designs. The Momentum range is also where the isobaric bass loading enters the Neat family. This is a technique which employs two drive units operating together with a sealed chamber between them, thus allowing the system to produce deeper bass fundamentals and greater control than would be achieved with a single drive unit in the same enclosure.


The Ultimatum range brings the isobaric configuration, and many other innovations, to the party. These include upward-firing ‘super tweeters’, birch plywood enclosures (in a variety of attractive finishes) sub-baffles coupled to the main enclosure via a polyethylene membrane. These Ultimatum models represent the pinnacle of what can be achieved by attention to detail, carefully chosen components, and allowing the music to guide the design process.