Petite Classic

The runaway success of the 2021 limited edition 30th Anniversary ‘Petite 30’ model has led to the demand for a new, ongoing version of the Petite.

The ‘Petite Classic’ comes in precisely the same dimensions as the original Petite, with the original’s contours, but uses the sublime drive units from the Petite 30 and a new crossover network.

As always, the component parts have been chosen with extreme care so as to deliver that unique NEAT sound. The tweeter is an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) device which is precise and dynamic, and the bass/midrange is handled by a Mineral filled PP-cone unit with excellent transient response and extremely low distortion. Crossover components comprise low-loss air core inductors and high voltage polypropylene capacitors and resistors.

Despite its compact dimensions, the Petite Classic delivers astonishingly lifelike images, an exceptional midrange and stunning dynamics whilst maintaining the musical coherence and essence of the original Petite model.

Petite Classic White
Petite Classic


ENCLOSURE TYPE – 2-way bass reflex, staggered tuning

DIMENSIONS (h/w/d) – 300/200/180mm

WEIGHT – 7kg

SHIPPING WEIGHT – 16kg per pair

SENSITIVITY (2.83v/1m) – 87dB/1 watt

REC. AMP POWER – 25 to 150 watts

IMPEDANCE – 6 ohms nominal: 4 Ohms minimum

Petite Classic Back


Petite Classic White Angle
Satin White
Petite Classic Angle
Textured Black