Show: NEAT gathers momentum at CES show


Neat’s re-entry into the USA via the CES show at the Ventian Hotel in Las Vegas was a significant success, with many industry figures expressing their admiration for a range of new Neat models which were making their US debut.

Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound nominated the Ultimatum XL10 (left) as runner-up in his ‘Best Of Show’ awards. 

” Neat Acoustics of Great Britain was showing its $25k Ultimatum XL10 floorstander, driven by c-j electronics. In a show that positively stomped on the bass pedal, the XL10 was a wonderful surprise – extremely natural in timbre, texture, and balance, with no darkness or grain, even on bass-heavy cuts like the Blue Tofu. “

Our grateful thanks to the folks from Runing Springs Audio, Conrad Johnson, and Paul Manos of High Fidelity Services, for their support.