Motive – Technical Detail

The Motive SX range comprises of three main models, the SX1, SX2, and SX3, which share many common features. They are elegant, room friendly designs, finished in a choice of real wood veneers or a satin white paint finish.

Motive range models are built from high grade MDF, with extensive internal damping and bracing.

The 134mm treated paper cone main drive unit and Neat’s SXT tweeter are used in all of the standard models. The 134mm main drive unit offers a superb blend of speed, articulation and bass extension. The SXT tweeter is a development of Neat’s original NMT tweeter which was created specifically for the Motive range. It delivers a highly analytical performance, with exceptional dynamics. Yet, unlike may analytical devices, the SXT tweeter has a smooth, unfatiguing presentation which allows the listener to enjoy the performance for long periods.

The crossover networks use high grade customised components built to very tight tolerances and are all hard-wired, directly connecting each component to the next without the need for a printed circuit board. This results in a cleaner signal path and increased resolution.

All models present benign impedance loads and can be driven by quite modest entry-level amplification, making them very flexible in use.

There is also a Motive centre-channel model, the SXC, for use in high quality home cinema applications.

The Motive SE2 is a development of the original Motive 2 model using an upgraded crossover and a EMIT planar magnetic tweeter, which shares some characteristics of a ribbon tweeter. It has a response in excess of 40kHz and lends the SE2 a very natural, organic character. It is available as a special order.