Momentum – Technical Details

The Momentum range models incorporate aspects of the class-leading Ultimatum range, stripped down to be more affordable. The most obvious feature being the use of iso-baric bass loading. This system is an arrangement where two bass units (or bass/midrange units) are coupled together, receiving the same signal, with one unit on the baffle of the speaker, and another concealed internally with a small sealed chamber between them. The benefit of this arrangement is two fold; the bass extension for a given enclosure is equivalent to an enclosure of twice the size, thus allowing very deep bass from relatively small cabinets. This bass output is also extremely well controlled, due to two units having double the motor power controlling the effective area of a single drive unit. The drive units employed are the latest versions of the Neat designed units, as used in the prestige Ultimatum models.

The Momentum range in its current SX guise also uses the exceptional ‘SXT’ type tweeter, designed by Neat Acoustics and using a black anodised dome, with a massive ferrite dual magnet assembly. This is a very dynamic and insightful tweeter, yet possessing a smooth character free of the fatiguing effects attributed to many analytical tweeters.

All Momentum models use low-loss, close tolerance crossover components, carefully designed to extract the maximum performance from the drive units.