Dealer Spotlight: Gedeon Audio

For this month’s Dealer Spotlight, we head across the continent to Budapest, Hungary.

Our distributor there, Gedeon Audio, is run by Gedeon Ory, one of the most prominent figures on the Hungarian Hi Fi scene. His YouTube channel, with more than 17,000 subscribers, is the most viewed audio-related platform in Hungary and he has a great relationship with dealers throughout the country.

The newly opened Gedeon Studio in Budapest offers a select range of equipment that Gedeon himself genuinely loves and of course, Neat loudspeakers are prominently featured!

For his Spotlight system, he has chosen the Neat Motive SX3 and he has suggested the Rega Brio as an affordable matching amplifier. Of this system, Gedeon says:

“Rega Brio and Neat SX3 works really well together as the Brio is quite punchy and exciting, which gives the whole listening experience an engaging, vivid and clean feeling. It brings out all the tiny resonance details of a cello, but at the same time it is fast and organised enough to use it for any kind of electronic music. It is just a super all around combo!”

Gedeon Ory – Gedeon Audio

He has made his first English language video just for us. There will be more to come, so subscribe to his new “Gedeon Meets HiFi” channel if you want to see new content.

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