The Absolute Sound - IOTA

"The [...] Iota is one serious little loudspeaker and ideal for connoisseurs with seriously limited space." See Full Review

What Hi-Fi - IOTA

"Whether with pacey rock or pop, or complex classical works, these speakers sound truly remarkable" See Full Review

HiFi Choice - IOTA

"Eminently musical and communicative, the Iota delights!" See Full Review

The Ear - ALPHA

“That so much bass can exude from such a small enclosure is taking physics to its limits” See Full Review

AV Forums - ALPHA

"What really makes the Alpha stand out is the way that it sounds so effortlessly together as a speaker" See Full Review

Hi-fi Choice - ALPHA

"[The Alpha] can really power out tight, fast, well-extended basslines, beautifully integrated with what the rest of the frequency range is doing." See Full Review

Stereophile - ALPHA

"The Iota Alpha is a freak—a heroic-sounding speaker that looks like it shouldn't, an overachieving mighty mite." See Full Review

HiFi News - ALPHA

“[The ALPHA’s] speed, focus and near-magical imaging – not to mention their ‘invisibility’ prove highly appealing” See Full Review

HiFi World - ALPHA

"Small but incredibly potent. These new Neats are a terrific package that bring life to every genre of music." See Full Review

Hi-fi Choice - XPLORER

The first ever review of the new Iota Xplorer loudspeaker has been published in UK magazine, Hi Fi Choice. Ed Selley summarises: "The Xplorer is more than an evolution of the Iota loudspeaker series, it’s a fresh leap in design thinking and it sounds nothing short of sensational." See Full Review


"Plenty of welly and control in the bass and an almost magical ability to cast a soundstage image well outside their compact boxes, doing so with focus and sympathy for the timbres of instruments." See Full Review



HiFi Choice - SX1

"There is a clearly discernible sense of fun to the way the Neat makes music" See Full Review

HiFi Critic - SX2

"The Neat Motive SX2 is certainly one of the cutest and most discreet stereo speakers on the market" See Full Review

Top Audio Gear- SX2

"The NEAT Motive SX2 is a phenomenal loudspeaker with a presentation that is so musically beguiling that it verges on the supernatural." See Full Review

What HiFi - SX2

"Punchy dynamics and precise timing work together to make their performance very expressive. The sense of enthusiasm is infectious." See Full Review

HiFi World - SX3

"They [SX3s] have a foot-tapping rhythmicallity which has the ability to get you bouncing around the room with a big smile on your face." See Full Review

What HiFi - SX3

"Vocals are full of convictoin and dynamism, while dense instrumentals that weave around them never sound convoluted or ill-timed." See Full Review


HiFi Choice - EKSTRA

"Neat Acoustics are designed almost solely by ear, listening to music rather than test‑tones. While this makes the Ekstra more aligned to some musical genres, it also makes for a speaker that is consumately musical and enticing." See Full Review


HiFi Critic - SX3i

"It delivers a detailed crisp sound with very good stereo perspectives, very little midrange coloration, fast sounding transients, and lots of detail." See Full Review

HiFi & Musik - SX5i

"The Momentum speakers paint an open and clear view of both singers and instrumentalists." See Full Review [Translated from Swedish]



What HiFi - XLS

"We can only admire the XLSes' impressive confidence when handling complex material, and their ability to organise music in a wholly understandable way." See Full Review

HiFi Critic - XLS

"It proved easy to locate, and is so fundamentally accurate and friendly to the ears that a confident recommendation is assured." See Full Review

Enjoy The Music - XLS

"In truth, the NEAT XLS deserves the attention of anyone seriously looking for a small, stand-mount loudspeaker that is astoundingly in tune with music – regardless of the genre." See Full Review

HiFi Plus - XL6

"The technical prowess of the XL6 certainly delivers musical performances that are utterly captivating and enchanting" See Full Review

HiFi News (Issue 165) - XL6

"It’s a tidy, open, airy, and most of all musically-entertaining sound, and one that is possessed of incredible levels of bass for a loudspeaker of its size. It feels like you have found the magic spell that lets you squeeze a quart into a pint pot in such real-world European rooms." See Full Review

HiFi Plus - XL10

"Their flawless portrayal of the sonics allowed the music to gel and cohere so convincingly that the result was the most persuasive I have encountered in my room to date." See Full Review