Product Update: Motive SE2 Shipping Soon

The exciting new Motive SE2 loudspeaker is a special edition of the regular Motive 2, transforming it into a discreet and compact design with serious audio credentials. (It will not replace the standard Motive 2, which continues in production.)

The SE2 incorporates several significant upgrades, notably the use of the EMIT planar magnetic tweeter, which is compliantly mounted within its own discrete volume to minimise the effects of vibration and rear pressure from the main drive unit. A new crossover and bass tuning alignment are employed and the cabinet features improved internal bracing and damping.


The Motive SE2 is extremely revealing without being overtly analytical, and it paints a huge sonic picture, making it the perfect solution for those seeking a superior musical experience from a compact and stylish package.

The MOTIVE SE2 will be available from mid-June 2010

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