Neat Acoustics Dealer Spotlight: Soundstage, London

In this new feature, each month we will turn the spotlight on one of our dealers or distributors across the world. First off is Soundstage HiFi and Home Cinema.

Obviously all hifi shop premises in the UK are closed at the moment, but many, including Soundstage, are still working online and via the phone.

Founded in 1978 and based in Barnet, North London, Soundstage have been Neat dealers for five years now. The shop is run by two very fine gentlemen, Dean Butt and Alex Stern.

Dean has been in the industry man and boy, helping his father in his shop from a very young age and Alex’s expertise and experience in system matching and planning is outstanding.

So whether it’s anything from all-in-one audio system for your kitchen, to a fully-automated, 11 channel home cinema system, it’s fair to say that you’re in very safe hands at Soundstage.

Alex has chosen the IOTA ALPHA as his favourite Neat loudspeaker as he has found them to be the perfect solution for a problem faced by huge amounts of audiophiles and music lovers: they want more dynamics than a bookshelf can offer but don’t have the space for a large floorstander.

Alex told us “I have had several demos where the customer has asked what other speaker is playing. They can’t believe such a compact speaker can give such a huge soundstage. They are perfect for smaller spaces without compromising on quality”.

Alex suggests the following system for the Iota Alpha: REGA PLANAR 3 turntable, REGA PHONO MM phono stage, NAIM NAIT 5SI all connected with Chord Company cables.

You can see the video of the Iota Alpha at Soundstage here

Dean’s choice is the Motive SX1 which has proved to be very popular with his customers. The compact dimensions mean they blend discreetly into living spaces and Dean says of the performance “The aluminium tweeter with foam surround offers a sweet and open top end and the bass is fast and tight and really captures the speed and transients of the music”.

His system suggestion comprises the NAIM SUPERNAIT 3 Integrated amplifier and the REGA PLANAR 8 with the new APHETA 3 moving coil cartridge. Dean says “This system wants you to have a good time: you might never want to go out again!”

Here is the Motive SX1 on the Soundstage website

Our thanks go to Dean and Alex for their input and their enthusiasm for Neat products.

You can find Soundstage at

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