HILL ACOUSTICS Tetrahedal Test System


It’s well known that Neat loudspeakers are designed and voiced by ear, with minimal influence from test measurements. However, once a design is perfected it’s important to ensure consistency and pair matching of all components in the finished product.

Obtaining reliable drive unit measurements has long been the most difficult aspect of quality control – until now.

The Hill Acoustics* Tetrahedal test enclosure is a brand new state-of-the-art enclosed system which has been impressing industry professionals at recent AES (Audio Engineering Society) conventions in the USA and Germany. Neat Acoustics is proud to be the first company in the world to have installed one of these systems in the testing room at the Barnard Castle factory.


Neat MD and founder, Bob Surgeoner says “The Hill Acoustics system enables us to extract extremely detailed information on drive unit behaviour within a few seconds. It will help to facilitate even greater production efficiency at Neat in the future.”

Geoff Hill is the man behind the Hill Acoustics Tetrahedal Test System. A top drive-unit designer, he has worked with many major loudspeaker companies around the world and, recently, as a consultant on the latest Neat drive units. The system works by eliminating standing waves by design, and utilises acoustic foam to eliminate any remaining high frequency issues. Customised interchangeable baffles ensure a rapid changeover of drive units during test runs.

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