Dealer Spotlight: Instereo

Carl Michael Engvall and Martin Plavinskis already had Neat Acoustics on the radar before they started Instereo. Neat Acoustics was one of only two brands the company distributed from the day they opened.  Although they have now grown to become one of the major distributors in Sweden, Neat is still their only speaker brand even today. MD Carl Michael Engvall explains:

“We are in the fortunate position to be able to distribute our favourite brands and we all use at least one pair of Neats at home, so Neat is very special to all of us here at Instereo. Actually, account manager Joakim Sand even has a full Neat cinema in his basement.”

Instereo has chosen to feature three systems on various levels.

“In our reception area at the office, we always keep our most popular system. A pair of the iconic Neat Motive SX2 driven by a Naim Uniti Atom, cabled with the Shawline series cables from Chord Company. 

“Everyone without exception who visits us is impressed by the performance of this little system. It’s fast, accurate and very fun and I can play anything you throw at it.”

The second system features Neat’s newest speakers, Orkestra, together with Naim NDX2 streamer and Naim Supernait 3 integrated amplifier all cabled with Chord Signature series cables and why not add a Well Tempered Lab Simplex Mk2 turntable with a Dynavector 10X5 Mk2 cartridge for some vinyl fun? 

“An amazing system which doesn’t cost you more than a couple of family holiday trips to Thailand…”

 ”The best system we have ever installed was a system sold by our dealer Akkelis Audio. The speakers were a pair of Neat Ultimatum XL6 driven by Naim’s top of the range system. Naim ND555 streamer powered by two Naim 555PS power supplies a Naim Uniti Core streamer the amp was a Naim Statement and all cables in the system were the top of the range Chord Company. The owner is a big fan of 60’s music and that was one of the reasons for choosing Neats over more expensive competitors. There are many high end speakers which can sound amazing with modern recordings, but only the Neats would impress in comparison when busy old 60’s and early 70’s rock albums were played. Even “The Who – Live at Leeds”  sounds impressive on a system like this. And yes, we all still dream about it…”

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